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Term of Services

By accessing or using the Firefox Sync APIs in connection with the development of your own client software to access the Firefox Sync services (a “Third Party Client”), you acknowledge that you will need to install and use a local version of the Firefox Sync server for multiple account testing and that any use of Mozilla’s hosted Firefox Sync services is subject to Mozilla’s Firefox Sync Terms of Service at

Further, you agree (a) to maintain and link to (including on websites from which your Third Party Client may be downloaded) a separate, conspicuous, and reasonably detailed privacy policy detailing how data collected or transmitted by your Third Party Client is managed and protected; (b) that your Third Party Client will only store data in encrypted form on the Firefox Sync servers operated by Mozilla; (c) that you and your Third Party Client will use the Firefox Sync APIs solely for their intended purpose; (d) that your Third Party Client will not hide or mask its identity as it uses the Services and/or Firefox Sync APIs, including by failing to follow required identification conventions; and (e) that you and your Third Party Client will not use the Firefox Sync APIs for any application or service that replicates or attempts to replicate the Services or Firefox Sync experience unless such use is non-confusing (by non-confusing, we mean that people should always know with whom they are dealing and where the information or software they are downloading came from).

You may not imply, either directly or by omission, that your Third Party Client is produced or endorsed by Mozilla. By providing access to the Firefox Sync APIs, Mozilla is not granting you a license to any of our trademarks.

– The Services Team